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Invest Night’s Due Diligence Masterclass and Engaging Dialogues with Business Angels and Startups!

Mo Angels, in collaboration with La French Tech Mauritius, hosted Invest Night at the vibrant Le Wagon Mauritius—an event that featured an enlightening Masterclass on Due Diligence followed by an Insight Arena, fostering engaging discussions between investors and startups.

We were privileged to have Brigitte Baumann Gervais from efino, an esteemed figure in the Angel Investing world who led an engaging two-hour Masterclass on Due Diligence, guiding investors through the essential components that shape a successful startup. We delve into what is assessed during due diligence, how it is implemented, and how to evaluate curated investment opportunities – a knowledge boon for investors. 💡

Embarking on the journey towards a successful startup involves navigating through various crucial aspects we underscored during the masterclass.

👥 Building a Strong Foundation:

Brigitte emphasized the foundational role of team dynamics. In recognizing the pivotal significance of founders, co-founders, networks, and the synergy within the team, the masterclass spotlighted the necessity of building a cohesive and collaborative core.

🎯 Product and Innovation Focus:

Venturing beyond the team, another critical aspect is the product and innovation. This involves understanding target markets, assessing scalability potentials, ensuring protectability through intellectual property, and crafting business models that contribute to the startup’s uniqueness.

📊 Financial Considerations:

This included thorough examinations of impact assessments and exit procedures, highlighting the evident truth that a robust financial strategy is indispensable for a startup’s sustainability and growth.

🏛️ Crucial Role of Governance Structures:

The masterclass also shed light on the often underestimated but crucial role of governance structures. Moving beyond administrative frameworks, these structures are vital contributors to effective decision-making, fostering accountability, transparency, and, ultimately, building the long-term sustainability and trust necessary for a startup’s success.

The masterclass transitioned into an insight arena involving meaningful discussions between business angels and investor-ready startups. In the ever-evolving landscape of startup dynamics, the traditional pitch scenario often takes center stage. However, the Insight Arena brought a refreshing twist.

💬 The Unconventional Approach:

Unlike from the typical startup pitch setting, the Insight Arena unfolded as a distinctive platform. Rather than expecting startups to impress investors, the focus was on encouraging exploration and open dialogue. The goal was clear – to cultivate an atmosphere that fosters connection, reduces pressure, and brings investors and startups into closer proximity.

👥 Investors in Their Element:

Investors introduced themselves in their “investor persona” and elaborated on the criteria they consider when evaluating pitches. This approach laid the groundwork for a genuine exchange marked by simplicity and transparency. The active participation of our dedicated investors extends beyond financial support; it exemplifies a commitment to mentorship and guidance.

🚀 In wrapping up a successful Invest Night, our heartfelt thanks extend to all who contributed to this insightful event with Mo Angels and La French Tech Mauritius.

🤝 As we continue to cultivate a collaborative and supportive ecosystem, we invite like-minded investors to join our community. Your expertise and engagement can make a significant impact on the startups we support. Reach out to become a part of our initiatives, fill out your application on Investors – Mo Angels ( or drop us an email at

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