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Early-stage Startup Funding: An opportunity for Mauritius

Unleashing Potential Through India-Africa Partnerships Reflecting on our participation in the India-Africa Entrepreneurship & Investment Summit 2023, an engaging initiative by the Economic Development Board Mauritius and the India-Africa Entrepreneurship Forum, we foresee Mauritius as a strategic bridge for India-Africa synergy. Our focus is on driving angel-investing collaborations among India, Africa, and Mauritius, with an emphasis on the dynamic role… Read More »Early-stage Startup Funding: An opportunity for Mauritius

Mo Angels Named Best VC of the Year 2023 at the Global Startup Awards Africa

Mo Angels is proud to announce its recent recognition as the Best VC of the Year at the Global Startup Awards Africa. The Global Startup Awards bring together high impact startups and investors from over 100 countries across the globe. The network offers participants the opportunity to meet prospective mentors, partners, clients, and gain access to the latest industry trends.… Read More »Mo Angels Named Best VC of the Year 2023 at the Global Startup Awards Africa

African Angel Academy Features Mo Angels

All founding members of Mo Angels attended the African Angel Academy in 2020. In an article posted on their website, AAA comes back on our experience with the creation of Mo Angels and our journey so far. Enjoy the read (as we enjoy the ride).

Our Mission

We created Moris Angels to fill a gap between founding funding and VC rounds. At early stage, entrepreneurs will find in Moris Angels the right environment to take off and grow their idea. We are Moris Angels, the First Investment Angels Group in Mauritius. We help early stage startup to become investment ready.

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