We bring together business angels and early-stage startups to build a thriving investing environment.

Welcome to Mo Angels

We are the first syndicated and non-for-profit Angel Investment Group in Mauritius. Set up in 2021, our vibrant community of passionate investors pool together funds, expertise and network for innovative startups in Mauritius and Africa.  

Our Investment Principles


We invest after Friends, Family and Fools. The company may have no or little revenue, but has already received grants or funds, or has a POC in place. Financial statements are in place and sound. 


Emerging geographies are in Mo Angels DNA. We invest primarily in Mauritius, Indian Ocean Islands, and Africa. However, we are open to further geographies, should opportunities arise. 


We invest our personal funds. From USD 20k to USD 200k, multisector, with IFC exclusion lists. We make sure our companies are investment-ready and receive support from the best mentors and investors in Africa and beyond. 

Our Partners

It takes an ecosystem to raise a successful start-up. Supporting the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems to foster innovation is our prime focus. Mo Angels is accompanied by strong partners who are key actors in the Mauritian and African startup ecosystem supporting our purpose and activities. The Mauritius start-up ecosystem is a regional leader in innovation, also recognized as a start-up powerhouse in Africa. Start-ups do not just need great ideas and talent but also access to capital, mentors, incubators, accelerators, associations and the government. Mo Angels and its partners are all part of this valuable ecosystem, actively helping early-stage founders unlock their full potential, defensibility and edge. 

Our Startups

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