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Hello and welcome to Mo Angels!

If you’re a startup and are looking for seed financing, you are at the right place.

If you think Mo Angels could be your partner and you want to apply to become a Mo Angels community investment, first, make sure of two things:

  1. You align on our investment thesis:
    • Your company is incorporated and can transact financially (you have a bank account)
    • You are post MVP
    • You already have commercial traction (you already have revenue or signed commercial agreements with customers)
    • Your financials are in place and sound
    • Your focus is Africa, and you’re based in Mauritius, an other Indian Ocean Island or a mainland Africa country.
    • You’re looking for US$ 50K+, accepting ticket starting at US$ 20K
  2. Your documentation is up-to-date:
    • Company registration and official documents
    • Company Constitution
    • Shareholder Agreement
    • Financial Statements, including bank statements
    • Patents (if any)
    • MVP/Product documentation
    • Pitch Deck

Dealum is our deal flow management platform. When you’re ready to apply (points above are all ticked), click the button below that will send you to Dealum (a new tab/window will open).

Note that we will not accept your application if it’s not complete. All the above is necessary during the application process! Thank you for your understanding.

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