Applying to Mo Angels
(As A Startup)

We’re always looking for innovative startups. If you’re a startup and looking for funding your development, you came to the right place.

If you think Mo Angels could be your partner and you want to apply to become a Mo Angels community investment, first make sure of two things:

1. you align to our investment thesis:

2. You have a pitch deck with key elements including your product/service, the problem, the market, the business model, the traction and the team.

​Dealum is our deal management platform. When you’re ready to apply (all points above are checked), click the button below that will open a new tab and send you Dealum.

You should be ready to be asked the following documents for a fellow due diligence process if we approve your application:​

  • Company registration and official documents​
  • Company Constitution​
  • Shareholder Agreement​
  • Financial Statements, including bank statements​
  • Patents (if any)​
  • MVP/Product documentation