For Investors

Discover pre-screened high potential start-ups with a focus on Africa and particularly Mauritius. ​

Support entrepreneurs by providing  combined expert guidance , experience, network , and syndicated funding.​

Why Us?

We are the first Business Angel Group in Mauritius, a worldwide community  supporting innovative African entrepreneurs hoping to make a real social, technological or economic impact.​

Mo Angels members support and invest in different sectors of activity. As Business Angels we do more than just invest funds together; we support our community  in developing their skills with our hands-on approach to learning.​

Mo Angel Investor’s Profile

Many of our angel investors have an entrepreneurial background either as founders, CEO, partner or board member. We also work with family offices and venture capitalists that want to co-invest with our angels.​

Mo Angels expects an investor to invest at least USD 3000 per investment round that s/he decides to join. There is no formal obligation to participate in any investment round.​

Our angel investors share their knowledge, experience, insights and business network with the startups they invest in.​


Our angels provide handholding support and insights along with investing their time in startups. We help you save time by sourcing and screening startups, allowing you to focus your time on adding value to your portfolio. Our community provides pre-screening of deals, structuring, due diligence and post investment monitoring.  


Our investors are ready to invest in startups as long as the business has a brilliant and impact-oriented idea. Any investor wants to know where his/her money is going. That’s why we make sure deals sourced are aligned with our investment principles. As business angels, we invest our personal funds while creating a thriving early-stage investing environment. 


Access monthly pitching events and educational events and meet our community of local angel investors. Learn about best practices and access training by expert investors.


Early-stage investing is an inherently risky way to invest.  As angel investors, you need to be aware of the key risks you are taking with your investment as certain types of funds might carry greater investment risk than others. For the chance of a high reward, our investors accept the risks associated. If you want to be an angel investor, you should be aware of how it may play out. 

Start Investing

Whether you’re based in Mauritius or beyond, join our vibrant community of investors and be part of the early-stage startup ecosystem.​